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Congratulations on your Achievement!

The Knights of St. Andrew

We serve because service is needed. We help when no one else will. We answer the call when others turn a deaf ear. We stand strong when all others have fallen down. We lay up treasures in a place where they never will tarnish. When one of us steps forward, he will find a brotherhood taking that step with him. When one of us puts his hand to a task, he will find an army of hands helping him. Given the heritage that makes up the very fabric of our order.


In our Stated Meeting last Wed, Sir Knight Todd Mears Chief of the KSA awarded founding member Sir Knight Al Rose with his Knights of the Double Headed Eagle Medal with honors.  Sir Knight Al was the founding Scribe for the KSA and held that position for many years.

Brethren, help the Valley of Bremerton welcome our newest Illustrious and Honorable Brothers.







Illustrious Brother Scot P. Sageser, 33rd IGH.  

Ill Brother Scot is a staple at our Valley wearing many hats to support our good work.  Aside from performing duties such as Degree Captain, Rose Croix Funeral Team, founding member of the KSA, Officers in one (or more) of the four bodies, but most notably as our Valley's General Secretary.  Congratulations on this well deserved honor, Illustrious Brother!



Honorable Brother Brian S. George, 32nd KCCH.

Hon Brother Brian is the go to man for all that is VMAP.  His tireless efforts have afforded many a recognition to our Valley.  He holds offices in 3 of our 4 bodies, a member of the Rose Croix Funeral Team, and a constant source of leadership and support to all whom call upon him.  Well done Honorable Brother, well done indeed!

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