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Officers 2023

All Bodies


ILL. Mike Pursey, 33º IGH

Personal Representative of the SGIG in the Orient of Washington


ILL. Scot P. Sageser 33º IGH

General Secretary

(Appointed by SGIG)


Hon. Bill Hubbard
32º KCCH


(Appointed by SGIG)

Almoner                                  - ILL. Thomas Dangelo, 33º IGH

Director of the Work             - Hon. John Brassch, 32 KCCH

Prelate                                      - Silver Esteller, 32

Lodge of Perfection


Venerable Master

Lodge of Perfection

Senior Warden - Andrew Guthrie 32º

Junior Warden  - Jason Reeder 32º

Orator - Rich Porter 32º 

Master of Ceremonies - John Gifford 32º

Captain of the Host - Anthony Annable 32º

Tiler - Al Rose 32º

Ed Harris 32º 

The Venerable Master is the head of the Lodge of Perfection, teaching us the Ineffable Degrees (4th-14th).  Explore the mysteries of Ancient Judaism and its contemplation with Deity.

Chapter of Rose Croix


Hon Bill Hubbard,
32º KCCH

Wise Master

Rose Croix

Senior Warden - Norman Jiminez 32º 

Junior Warden  - Andrew Guthrie 32º

Master of Ceremonies - Ross Gearllach 32º

Secretary - Hon Brian George 32º KCCH

Guardian of the Templet - Silver Esteller 32º

Tiler - Al Rose 32º

The Wise Master is the head of the Chapter of the Rose Croix, teaching us the Chapter Degrees (15th-18th).  Acceptance and introductions of various religions, mathematics theories, and sacred texts are explored within.

Council of Kadosh


Jason Reeder 32º


Council of Kadosh

1st Lieutenant Commander   - Hon. Bill Hubbard 32º KCCH

2nd Lieutenant Commander - Hon Brian George 32º KCCH

Chancellor - Silver Esteller32º 

Orator - Rich Porter 32º

Lieutenant of the Guard - Norman Jiminez 32º

Sentinel - Al Rose 32º

The Commander is the head of the Council of Kadosh, teaching us the Council Degrees (19th-30th).  Mystical symbolism, morality, political, and religious lessons are explored within.



Hon Chuck Compton,
32º KCCH

Master of Kadosh

Council of the Consistory

Prior  - Jason Reeder 32º

Preceptor - Hon. Brian George 32º KCCH

Chancellor - Ed Harris 32º

Minister of State - Richard Porter 32º

Marshal of Ceremonies - Hilbert Atendido 32º

Expert - Silver Esteller 32º

Captain of the Guard - Norman Jiminez 32º

Tiler - Al Rose 32º

The Master of Kadosh is the head of the Consistory, teaching us the Consistory Degrees (31st & 32nd).  Human law, justice and divine justice are explored herein.  Broader and deeper meanings are provided from previous degrees.

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