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Sir Knight 

Andrew Guthrie

Editor in Chief


Knight Sacristan

Sir Knight 

Norman Jimenez

Assistant Manager



Sir Knight 

Rocky Catlett

Programming Editor



Sir Knight 

Jason Reeder

Art Director

Officers 2024


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We are a service-based organization of the Valley of Bremerton WA., Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite. Our ranks are mainly composed of Black Cap Scottish Rite Masons. Membership within our ranks, although voluntary, is not given lightly.

We serve because service is needed. We help when no one else will. We answer the call when others turn a deaf ear. We stand strong when all others have fallen down. We lay up treasures in a place where they never will tarnish. When one of us steps forward, he will find a brotherhood taking that step with him. When one of us puts his hand to a task, he will find an army of hands helping him. Given the heritage that makes up the very fabric of our order.

The Knights of Saint Andrew exist as a service organization on behalf of all members of the Valley of Bremerton. They are under the immediate supervision of the Executive Committee of the Scottish Rite Valley and provide services where they are needed. This includes, but not limited to, aiding the Tylers, acting as greeters, providing escort services for dignitaries or for special events created for the ladies during reunions or other functions, serving as guides, assisting the Scottish Rite degree work, and helping present the Colors.

Knights of Saint Andrew also assist in the calling committees, participate in parades or civic activities, promote fund-raising events, and aid in any special event. The list can continue on as new ideas and concepts are developed to meet needs and goals.

Their flexibility and enthusiasm make the Knights of Saint Andrew one of the Valley's most active and desirable organizations. It is an excellent way to nurture and develop future leaders as they learn their organizational and leadership skills, explore the inner structures of their Scottish Rite Centers, and thus gain a deeper admiration for our Order and Brethren who work in Freemasonry as a whole.

Historically, the medieval order of the Knights of St. Andrew was formed by King Robert the Bruce of Scotland, in 1314. It was to honor the Knights Templar who were instrumental in the victory over the English during the Battle of Bannockburn.

In line with these historical beginnings, the modern Knights of St. Andrew also focus on outstanding service. In early 1993, the late Ill. Weldon Good 33° of the Tulsa Valley in Oklahoma had a need for assistance during reunions. When he noticed that many brothers were joining the Scottish Rite but not returning to assist and participate, he developed the organization now known as the Knights of St. Andrew as a service organization for the valley.

In setting up the by-laws, he stated that the Knights of St. Andrew would be a "Black Hat" group and any member who received the honor of MSA (Meritorious Service Award or Red Hat) could not hold an office or vote but they could still work and assist. The main duties of the Knights of St. Andrew were to assist as needed during the reunions and be available to the Valley's Executive board for any assigned duties.

Today, the Knights of St. Andrew is still open to any “Black Hat” 32° Scottish Rite Mason, although any other 32° or 33° Mason may become a member as well; however, only the “Black Hats” can hold office and vote.

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